Mahashakti Engineering Works, Kolkata
Mahashakti Engineering Works, Kolkata
Ghusuri, Howrah, West Bengal


Installation Of Flour Mills,Atta Mills,Sattu Mill & Besan Mill Plant.

Summarized technical details setting up of flour plant.
  1. The offered roller flour mill shall have the following civil constructions:
(a) Mill Building : Comprising of 5 storyes as below: (i) Ground – (Packing floor) - 15 height (ii) Ist –(Roller Floor) - 15’ height. (iii) IInd – (Purifier floor) - 15’ height (iv) IIIIrd – (Planshifter floor) - 12’ height (v) Ivth –(Pneumatic system ) - 09’ height   Total dimension of Mill Building : 74’l X 24’w X 66’ ht. (length & width from pillar’s centre to centre) (height from plinth to roof surface)   (b) Bins : Comprising of 8 nos. Bbns of following sizes and specifications:
  1. 32’ l X 24’w X 39’ht. divided into 8 parts.
Thus making outer area of each part of 12’l x 8’w x 39’ ht. and the inner area of each part of 10’-4” l x 6’-8” w x 39’ ht(with a 55 degree outlet hopper inside at the bootom) Hence, each part (Bin) to accommodate app. 50 + MT of wheat minimum for both the dry and dampened wheat.   (c) Godowns: Godown no. 1 : (i) A wheat godown for storing 10000MT wheat to store the wheat in 12 bags heigh stack covering an area of 40,000 sq. ft. ( 180’ x 258’ x 21’ ht.) providing suitable free passage inbetween the stacks and keeping one stack of maximum 1600 Bag Each of 100 kgs. ( 10 bags x 10 bags x 16 high) and proper ventilation in the godown area.   Godown no. 2
  1. Another wheat shooting godown of app. 1200 sq.ft. area of 21’ height adjacent and with interpassage arrangement to store app. 200 MT wheat also will be provided with a 6’ X 6’ X 8’ deep shooting pit for shooting the wheat to cleaning section in the mill and also with provision to install a Pre-cleaning machine ( Reel) inside the godown.
  Godown no. 5 & 6
  1. Packing materials (both new and used)
Area provided for 1500 sq. ft. – 2 nos.   Godown no. 3 & 4
  1. Storing the refraction in different category
After moving from packing spouts in cleaning section. Area provided for 2 nos. gowons of about 2000 sq. ft. each for storing refraction about 2 months’ storage.(60 MT)   Godown no. 7
  1. Storing wheat Products viz. Atta , Maida and Suji . Area provided for app. 4000 sq. ft. with a height of minimum 20’ with suitable ventilations for about one month’s stock equivalent to about 1000 MT.(packing 75 Kgs. Each)
  Godown no. 8
  1. Storing wheat Bran. Area provided for about 4000 sq. ft. for storing about one month’s stock of about 1000 MT (packing 37.5 kgs each) with a height of 20’ with proper ventilation
  1. Electricals :
    1. H T Transformer Room (as per Electricity Board’s requirement)
    2. Isolator/Switchgear room( do)
    3. Room for Distribution Panel( power house)
3. Administrative Building/Block:  As per local requirement Suggested minimum 8 rooms with one store room and one lab. room 4. Guards Rooms near main gate.
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